domingo, 31 de julio de 2011

Moving files to honeycomp tablet internall memory using linux (without pain)

Long time since my last post but I have been a little busy! I got really frustrated trying to send some files to my asus transformer this weekend (using ubuntu). I tried to mount it as a file system via mtp but it was a complete failure, slow transfer rate, corrupted transfers, tablet frezzes, etc, etc, are some of the main problems that I faced.

I was almost done when I decided to try another aproach, I decided to install a SSH server in my laptop and a FTPs client in the tablet. The result? Flawless victory. Yes the transfer rate will never be as USB but is really convenient downloading my movies directly from my bed. :)

To install the SSH server in linux (at least if you are using any debian based distribution) just type:

sudo apt-get install ssh

And the scp client of my choise was AndFTP that can be found in the android market.

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