viernes, 21 de enero de 2011

Mantain more than one music library in Rhythmbox

This is a really strange requirement but there are sometimes that you may want to mantain two separate libraries using the same linux user. In my case, I have one library in /home/myUser/Music and other one in /home/myUser/MusicLowQuality. This is usefull because I mantain a second version of all my music in a lower quality for syncing my mp3 player. The problem starts when you import this two folders to Rhythmbox because you will have a duplicate of every single song.

The Rhythmbox Library Database is stored in ~/.local/share/ryhtmbox/rythmdb.xml by default but you can invoke rythmbox this way to take any file you want:

rhythmbox --rhythmdb-file=/home/myuser/.local/share/rhythmbox/mynewdb.xml

This way you can create two diferent launchers that target to two different music libs. This is terrific but I found just one annoying behaivior. If you have the auto-inspect option enabled pointing to /home/myUser/Music and invoke the launcher that use the LowQuality folder when you include new music files to /Music they will be included in the wrong lib. This is a little difficult to explain :3

The easiest solution that I found was changing the path to the inpection folder before calling the launcher.

you can invoke rythmbox this way to take any file you want:

gconftool -s /apps/rhythmbox/library_locations -t list --list-type string [file:///home/myUser/MusicLowQuality] && rhythmbox --rhythmdb-file=/home/myuser/.local/share/rhythmbox/lowqualitydb.xml

gconftool -s /apps/rhythmbox/library_locations -t list --list-type string [file:///home/myUser/Music] && rhythmbox --rhythmdb-file=/home/myuser/.local/share/rhythmbox/normaldb.xml

I hope this can be useful for someone :)

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