jueves, 13 de mayo de 2010

MySQL Workbench in Kubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 LTS

After the install of MySql workbench 5.2 RC using the deb package provided for ubuntu 10.04 in KDE everything works well and nice but when you try to create a connection to a database and storing the password of the connection you will get an error about workbench not being able to access the gnome keyring.
After some research we discovered that we already have the gnome-keyring package installed but by default this daemon doesn't start automatically when you are running KDE.

The solution is really simple, just run in konsole this command:


After that try again to store the password in workbech mysql connection and everything should work smooth and well.

To avoid running this command every time you want to launch workbench we use this aproach:
In KDE menu icon right click and select KDE menu editor, go to programming tab and select mysql workbench.

Change this line:


for this one:

gnome-keyring-daemon && /usr/bin/mysql-workbench

done, every time you execute workbench you will start gnome keyring daemon.

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